Very first steps

quick start

A*LIVE load. Order data tariff here!

  1. turn on (press and hold the POWER button for 5 seconds) before you start your activity LED #1 and #3 will blink and live tracking will start.

Position the A*LIVE in the open air for at least 5 minutes until LED#3 and LED#4 are green. On your PC or Smartphone, open the TripView website that we provided in the setup email. If you see your position on the map after a few minutes, the à TEST is OK!

If the A*LIVE is not moved for more than 15 minutes, it will fall asleep to conserve the battery. As soon as it feels a movement or vibration, it wakes up again.

POWER OFF: Press the POWER button 3 times quickly after you have finished your activity. LED #1 turns orange and then turns off (network required!) Always test the appliance before leaving! (Function TEST) The appliance is a supplement, not a replacement for other safety measures!

Data tariff

In order to use A*Live you have to choose a tariff.

  1. please select here your tariff.

  2. place an order

  3. further information will follow by mail

**IMPORTANT! The tariff remains active until you have specified a standby date. Please use the form

Charging / battery


  1. place the A*LIVE centrally on the QI charge pad (inductive charge)

Make sure that the charging pad is activated (e.g. when using PowerBanks without power). If the ALIVE is completely empty, the placement can be "sensitive" to a few millimetres.

  1. during the charging process the blue LED on the charger lights up - in addition, only on the switched-on A*LIVE the POWER LED #1 lights up red if 100% green.

Charging time with empty battery approx. 2 hours

10 seconds after removing the charger, the A*LIVE can be switched on


Smart Battery Saver

For maximum uptime, your machine will automatically fall asleep if it is not moved for more than 15 minutes. As soon as it feels a vibration, it will start operating again. When the battery charge level reaches approx. 10%, the A*LIVE switches off automatically to save energy for emergencies. You can then use the A*LIVE again for a few minutes before it switches itself off again.

How can I still save the battery?

Wrap the A*LIVE warm and do not place it under roofs etc. as long as it is switched on! In Iridium mode the device regularly connects to the satellite to check for new messages that may be waiting for you - even if tracking mode is deactivated. You should therefore allow a clear view of the sky to avoid using too much energy for this connection to satellites.

The A*LIVE falls asleep and wakes up again by itself under the following conditions:

  • 15 min absolute standstill

  • GPS speed 0 km/h


A functional TEST should be carried out before each use.

  1. position the A*LIVE in the open air for at least 5 minutes until LED#3 and LED#4 are green On your PC or smartphone, open the TripView website that we provided in the setup email.
  2. you should see your position on the map after 5 minutes

&arrarr; TEST OK!


What do the 4 LEDs tell me?

LED#1-POWER: Without charger: Green…… .battery over 25% Red…… ...Battery under 25 Orange..POWER OFF initiated

On activated charger + device ON: Red.....loading process Green...battery 100%

LED#2-Message&External: Green permanent...Message received Flashing green......outgoing message

LED#3 Tracking&GPS: Green.......tracking on, GPS 3D/good Red……… .tracking on, GPS 2D/bad Orange...PAUSE Check In

LED#4 network: Flashing .....GSM/4G x Permanent .....Iridium Red..........addiction net Orange..Connection setup Green…… .connected to server


5 keys! Which key does what?

"Power." 1x long press: starts device + tracking Press 3 times to switch off (requires mains connection) RESET: press 1x on the activated charger

"MSG." Press 1x long: PresetMsg#1 press 2x / 3x fast: PresetMsg#2 /#3

"TRACK": 1x long press: Live-Tracking / Stop SmartSafety or restart Press 2x: PAUSE CheckIn (for SmartSafety)

"LIGHT/UPDATE": Press twice: ON / OFF Only on activated charger, LED 4 (GSM) flashes green + Long press: OTA Firmware Update (all 4 LEDs are permanently lit: LED 2-4 blue, LED1 first white, green if connection is successful)

"SOS": press 3 times to start SOS Press 3 times to cancel SOS or to acknowledge all alarms occurring on the device


Before every adventure:

  • Data tariff active? Inactive? → tariff change agent

  • A*LIVE fully charged? - Check: A*LIVE switched on on activated charging pad → LED#1 green? Battery at 100%!

  • A*LIVE in the open air check whether LED#3 and LED#4 are green?

  • Is the A*LIVE visible in my TripView with current position?

&foolish; Let's go!!!


What is SmartSafety?

Call for help ... even if you can't help yourself! Automatic monitoring & emergency call system for early recognition of critical situations. Reduces rescue response times by up to 90%. With comrade rescue navigation.

Why SmartSafety?

Every year more than 20,000 people are killed in outdoor accidents. It usually only becomes critical when friends and helpers do not become aware of it early enough. Or do not know your exact position. Or no emergency call at all is possible because only 10% of the earth is covered by mobile phone networks. We deliver the missing 90% by satellite. And draw attention to you at an early stage. With your exact position.

SOS : What happens if...?

For each scenario (e.g. manual SOS or automatic crash/stoppage alarm), different notification chains can be created with a 2-step escalation. Example: First SmartSafety reports your position by SMS/email to friends and team for companion rescue. At their request or after a timeout, without a reaction, professional rescue facilities such as mountain rescue or coastguard (via 112/GEOS) are then activated, which, if necessary, continue to communicate with you or your stored emergency contacts.

How do I configure my SmartSafety?

Go to à SmartSafety. A default setting is already available!

  1. profiles: set the monitoring scenarios for your activity
  2. tours: set the geofences (SAFE, DANGER and REST zones)
  3. notifications: store your alarm recipients (SMS, EMail, Telegram, ...)
  4. trace: compile who is alerted, when and at what event
  5. contacts: enter the emergency contacts who can be contacted by a rescue control centre such as GEOS in the event of an SOS or escalation!


Use the Telegram Messenger to save SMS costs.

1st Telegram App: Download the app from the AppStore or PlayStore. Create a new group with people who should receive the notifications. Then add our ChatBot with the name @ProtegearBot Send "/chatid" as message, the reply will be a number, e.g. -986456487

  1. → SmartSafety → Expert mode - an → Notifications → + → Telegram; Create the notifications, and enter the ChatID in the field provided (incl. - characters).

  2. → TripShare → Handlers → + → Telegram; Create handlers for message templates, enter the ChatID in the provided field (incl. - characters).

Please do not forget to save your changes (SAVE top right) You can now use the Notification Telegram.

The technical data

+100% global real-time tracking via Iridium satellite, GSM, 3G/4G, GPS + Galileo

+Automatic dead man's control with PAUSE & REST function (prevents false alarms)

+Adjustable triggering scenarios such as HOLD, HEIGHT, ZONE, CRASH

+Manual SOS and cancellation of each alarm possible (enables tests)

+Unlimited levels & zones, ad hoc/ dynamic roaming geofences (e.g. for teams)

+Live feedback on the device in case of automatic alarm triggering (e.g. when leaving the safe zone)

+Flexible alarm, 2-step escalation: first team/friends, then 112 / 911 / GEOS

+Alerting via SMS, Email, Telegram, Webhooks possible

+Each alarm detection can be individually limited to certain times of day

+Global 2-way text communication with the A*LIVE (SMS, Email and more)

TripShare (LiveTracking)

What is ProteGear TripShare?

TripShare combines map and event services for different tracking systems in a newly programmed and 100% smartphone/tablet compatible interface. The simplest function is "TripView", which displays the current position of your A*LIVE with history & statistics.

How can I share my trips live (LiveTracking) or completed trips with others?

Open the preset website "TripView", with the link from our e-mail "Initial Installation".

Or under Trips → DreiPunkt → Open → TripView opens

You can send this URL/link e.g. to your trusted persons with whom you want to share the trip. It can also be integrated into your own website or on Facebook and the like using iFrame.

To create a new website/TripView with new filters: Go to à Tripshare → Trips → +

Creates a new public TripView URL.

A connection to external services such as LiveTrack24 is also possible.

What else is going on?

In addition to the single display and the system for events (LiveTracking & LiveRanking) many other functions will be added in the future! The system can also be accessed externally via REST-API and can, for example, take over the event/location from any other trackers or system and display it together.

Review and tracks can be displayed for the last 12, 24, 48 hours or 7 days only.

Additional parameters when calling a TripView URL (at the end of )

Parameter/example Function:

  • &track=all shows all tracks since start time of TripView
  • &track=IMEI1,IMEI2,... shows only the tracks of the given IMEI numbers
  • &info=all starts the TripView web page with all info pop-ups shown
  • &info=IMEI1,IMEI2,... starts the TripView website with the info popups for the IMEIs displayed
  • &zoom=6 opens a certain zoom level around a virtual polygon of all last coordinates
  • &devices=1 show the left devices panel or =0 (default)
  • &timeline=1 display the global timeline= or =0 (default)
  • &hidetitle=1 do not show the title, only the menu icon) or = 0 (default)


Why GlobalMail?

ProteGear offers real and completely independent email addresses for your A*LIVE for all term contracts. For the first time, global email communication is now possible at uniform, low costs in the remotest corners of the earth, on all oceans and even in the poles: 100% Global!

A personal e-mail address for your A*LIVE has already been created here. ( You can create filters, length limits and a CC address so that messages addressed to the machine are also forwarded to your "normal" email, e.g. when A*LIVE is switched off.

How do I use GlobalMail?

  1. preset messages, which are created under the handlers and sent directly on A*LIVE
  2. use the app under chats, you can send SMS and receive and send text messages by e-mail, telegram.

For changes to the current configuration (default value: 160 characters, no filters) or setting up an additional desired address, please go to → TRIPSHARE → GLOBALMAIL

Signatures, quotations from previous mail traffic, HTML elements are generally not transmitted.

What additional services can I use?

ProteGear Weather

With ProteGear WeatherInfo you can easily get high resolution weather forecasts for your location delivered to your InReach and A*LIVE!

basic: Message to (with 1 character)

6 h Intverall, 24 h Preview - temperature, precipitation - 0,19 € per call Beispiel: 08.09.20|h21+16|09.09.20|h3+15|h9+16|h15+19|h21+16,<1mm

Premium: Message to (with 1 character)

3 h interval, 72 h preview - temperature, precipitation, wind, cloudiness - 2,90 € per call Beispiel: 08.09.20|h21+16SW15CLD6|09.09.20|h0+15SW19CLD9|h3+15SW21CLD62|h6+15SW22CLD72| h9+16SW22CLD87|h12+18W25CLD99|h15+19W25CLD71|h18+18NW26CLD37,<1mm|","09.09.20|h21+16NW23CLD45,<1mm|h0+13N25CLD30|h3+10N19CLD1|h6+10NE15CLD0|h9+12NE8CLD0|h12+16N9CLD0| h15+17N12CLD0|h18+15NE17CLD0|h21+13E17CLD0|","11.09.20|h0+13S6CLD0|h3+12S4CLD5| h6+12SE5CLD0|h9+15S6CLD0|h12+19SW12CLD0|h15+20W14CLD0|h18+18W11CLD0|h21+17W4CLD0 after a few minutes you will receive an exact weather forecast for your location in text form


[date for which forecast is valid] [forecast time 1] [temperature 1] [wind 1 in km/h] [cloudiness 1], [precipitation 1] [forecast time 2.....

ProteGear News

Send a keyword free of charge to or to be up2date always and everywhere. (consumes data from the included volume)

ProteGear GlobalMail Features

  • Real email address for 2-way communication (e.g. "name"@
  • Forwarding of any emails to A*LIVE possible, editing and answering conveniently on the smartphone (linked via Bluetooth)
  • Length limit of 50, 160 or more characters possible (messages are transmitted divided into 160 characters each)
  • HTML stripping (transmission of pure text to reduce data
  • Any configurable whitelist/blacklist to reject unwanted emails
  • Automatic CC forwarding to a "normal" email address possible. Delivery even when the device is switched off!
  • spam filter


What are the handlers?

In addition to the text templates and recipients for the message key, you can also create actions for any other function of the machine. are preset:

  • 1x MSG key = "All OK
  • 2x MSG = "Need help
  • 3x MSG = "Come back

each with GoogleMaps link of the current position.

How do I configure the handlers? → Tripshare → Handlers

What do I use the handlers for?

Preset messages are quick and easy messages to send to keep friends and family informed of your current status.

You can store any number of recipients with the handlers.

Use of the preset messages (handler) as e-mail and telegram is free of charge. As SMS 0,10 € each


A*LIVE App - Coupling with the Smartphone

For what purpose should I connect the device to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

To use the app together with your A*LIVE. Primary messaging, maps...

**Which is the Bluetooth pairing > code?

You do not need a code. Connect Bluetooth on your smartphone, start the app and pair it in the A*LIVE app.

A*LIVE housing

**How does the unit behave against salt water, or on the beach with spray and spray?

The device is fully protected against the ingress of dust.

It floats by itself, is waterproof. Protection against temporary immersion, up to 0.5 m depth


Can the light be switched off? The flashing consumes energy. Not that the battery is empty before the SOS is sent...

The flashing + Noice + Vibration when the SOS is active is used to draw attention to alarms and to prevent false alarms and generate attention in an emergency.

Activations: Tariff and Alarm Activations

With A*LIVE there is one tariff activation and 2 alarm activations (notifications and escalations to GEOS).

1) The TARIF activation is required for your device to connect, both in the mobile network and in the Iridium network.

With regard to the satellite-iridium network, the tariffs differ as follows: In the BASIC tariff and in Safety & Tracking the Iridium activation always happens automatically: As soon as you move out of the mobile range with an A*LIVE switched on (GSM/4G required), the Iridium tariff is automatically activated (after 10 minutes) and remains active until the A*LIVE in the GSM/4G range has been switched off normally. Here you do not need to activate the tariff in the system.

In all other tariffs (except BASIC) you can change the tariff here here!

2) The Alarm activations differ in Notifications - where friends/family/team are entered as the first recipients of the alarm - and in Escalations - alarms to rescue control centres such as GEOS.

These can be turned on and off in Dashboard.

Battery life

Smart Battery Saver

For maximum uptime, your machine will automatically fall asleep if it is not moved for more than 15 minutes. As soon as it feels a vibration, it will start operating again. Here, a GPS speed measurement is also carried out in order to avoid that the gyro sensor does not feel any vibration during particularly quiet movements (e.g. paragliding), but that there is still movement above ground.

How can I still save the battery?

Wrap the A*LIVE warm and do not place it under roofs etc. as long as it is switched on! In Iridium mode, the device will regularly try to connect to the server to check for new messages, which may be waiting for you - even if tracking mode is deactivated. Therefore you should allow a free view to the sky, so that not too much energy is needed for this connection to satellites and server.

Data tariffs


The tariff remains active until you have entered a standby date. Please use the following form here!

**Is it possible to change the tariff during the year? The annual fee of the BASIC remains the same, but you can switch to the other higher rates every month free of charge.

Activate/deactivate topic StandBy:

So far I have understood that for € 9 I can buy an active period of 7 days and use it for 7 consecutive days ,

You got that right.

** Does the standby simply serve to interrupt the billing of the selected tariff level, i.e. not simply book another period of 7 days?

Exactly, because with the stand-by mode you deactivate or reactivate your last selected tariff.

**Is a change, e.g. from 30 days to 7 days within the same tariff a downgrade that is subject to a charge or does this only apply if I change from messaging to tracking tariff, for example?

There are no costs for changing from month to day within e.g. A*LIVE Safety&Messaging. When changing from a "higher" to a "lower" e.g. from A*LIVE Safety&Messaging to A*LIVE Safety&Tracking, downgrade fees of 25 € are charged.

Data consumption management

Where can I see which subscription I have and what is already used up (e.g. number of messages in the current month)

Devices]( → Comments: Here is your current tariff However, you can always send us an e-mail to check the data consumption and we can then give you an update manually.

**What are all "messages" and are credited or debited from the credit balance?

Sent and received mails + SMS. (everything that is not tracking) You can store any number of recipients with the handlers. Use of the preset messages (handler) as e-mail and telegram free of charge. As SMS 0,10 € each

Under "Handler" I can also set up status messages such as "Switch-to-Iridium" or "End-Charge", which then inform me via the smartphone.

Or any other person As a retailer, we recommend only storing real text messages. Things like "Switch-to-Iridium" or "End-Charge" can be seen on the A*LIVE itself.

** Are these "handlers" also deducted from the message credit?

No. You can store any number of recipients with the handlers. Use of the preset messages (handler) as e-mail and telegram free of charge As SMS 0,10 € each

**Is it an advantage here if the Smartphone is connected via Bluetooth, so that these handlers do not run over the GSM network but directly to the Smartphone?

No, the handlers are always sent via A*LIVE.

false alarms

To avoid false alarms, you can cancel any self-triggered alarm (press SOS 3 times), which will be transmitted to all alarm receivers. The same applies to automatic alarms, which are detected by the SmartSafety System in the background. (orange LEDs 1+2+3 flash). These can also be acknowledged by pressing SOS 3 times.

Insurance against false alarms

There is no insurance from our side for false alarms. Possible cost coverage must be clarified with your insurance company.

Flight mode

**Do I have to switch off the A*LIVE on an airline flight or is there something like a flight mode?

Since the A*LIVE, just like a smartphone, works in the GSM network, it should be OFF (depending on the airline guidelines).

Radio connection

What restricts the Irididum satellite reception?

The human body shields radio waves because it consists of 70% water. This means that a satellite signal travels 780 km, but then has little chance of passing through the body. For this reason, A*LIVE should always be worn high up, with a view of the horizon.

other possible causes:

  • Storm, heavy rain
  • Gorges, mountain ranges
  • high buildings

In these environments it is not impossible to have reception, but there may be long delays in data transmission (10-30 minutes). As the satellites are constantly on the move, it is possible that a "gap" in the canyon may be detected even in unfavourable conditions.

Satellite hotspot

Satellite hotspot for your Smartphone > what is meant by that?

Transmission of messages from the A*LIVE App, text communication (Email + SMS etc.), even if you have no GSM reception, i.e. the Iridium satellite network is used.

Machine sleep mode

For maximum uptime, your machine will automatically fall asleep if it is not moved for more than 15 minutes. As soon as it feels a vibration, it will start operating again. Here, a GPS speed measurement is also carried out in order to avoid that the gyro sensor does not feel any vibration during particularly quiet movements (e.g. paragliding), but that there is still movement above ground.


Somehow I have a mess between live tracking and trip share. By Trip-Share I understand that I can display and also send tracks I have done. By Live-Tracking I understand that the current location of a running track can be communicated or can be followed continuously .

Trip-Share offers to share a completed trip or a current trip (LiveTracking )with friends and family.

**How can I generate a link and send it to other people?

Trips]( - DreiPunkte (right side) - Open → TripView opens, you can share this URL or integrate it into your website.

I would love to implement the live tracking on my own Wordpress page. How do I have to proceed, or do I get a URL which I can then integrate via iFrame?

Create link under: Trips]( → DreiPunkte (top right) → Open → TripView opens, you can pass on this URL or integrate it into your website. For integration into your website as iFrame: ......

**Tripshare and SmartSafety module: for what purpose do I record Contacts? Can I call them up again somewhere and do not have to enter the same number several times?

These are exclusively for GEOS in order to be able to fall back on these contacts in an emergency. The persons stored in notifications are not taken into account by GEOS.


**How can I insure myself for rescue and recovery costs?

To cover rescue and recovery operations, various insurance companies, e.g. GEOS, DAV or Allianz, are recommended. Please check whether your existing (health) insurance already covers "SAR" (Search and Rescue) search and rescue operations! It may be advisable to upgrade your insurance to cover larger missions. Still no insurance? Here]( you can book your GEOS insurance:

Technical data and API

Radio networks and connections

GPS satellite network

The device needs a clear view of the sky to acquire the signals from the GPS systems (NavStar, Glonass, Galileo) in order to calculate its current position and obtain the time stamp. The more satellites are "seen" by the device, the more accurate is the positioning. Under unfavourable reception conditions (ravines, under roofs etc) this can result in deviations of 100 or more metres. Immediately after the start of the device (usually within the first 2-5 minutes), the positioning is still inaccurate for technical reasons.

GSM and 4G / 5G networks

The A*LIVE is equipped with an eSIM, which can log into almost all GSM (2G/4G) networks worldwide. It automatically connects to the best available network at the respective location. In the 4G area, the new "NB-IoT" technology according to NB1 / M1 standard is used, which is currently being activated by more and more countries. It will remain available when upgrading to 5G.

Iridium Satellite Network

The device requires a clear view of the sky to transmit messages and track points via the Iridium satellite network. Without a clear view of the sky, the device will attempt to transmit data until it detects satellite signals.

Restricted reception or very delayed transmissions are to be expected in narrow mountain or house canyons or dense forests.

TIP: You will get the best satellite connection if you carry the device on your backpack (top) or on your upper body. Limitations: Iridium works technically global, for Russia a pre-registration is necessary, in India satellite systems are generally prohibited. Other countries in which you should get up-to-date information before importing and using the device are China, Cuba, Chad, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Libya, Nigeria, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Sudan (status 2018).


**Which topics can I automate or read out with the Rest-API?

This only makes sense in communication server to server. However, all data of the device can be exchanged.

Interest in the API? Please send us a short mail to

Available networks in the mobile phone sector

Status January 2020: >500 networks

Afganistan (Etisalat) Afganistan (Areeba MTN) Albania (Vodafone) Albania (Eagle Mobile) Algeria (Wataniya) Algeria (ATM Mobilis) Andorra (STA (Andorra Telecom) (Mobiland) Anguilla (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) Antigua and Barbuda (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) Argentina (CTI Argentina (Claro)) Argentina (Telefonica) Armenia (ArmenTel (Beeline)) Armenia (Orange) Aruba (Digicel) Australia (Optus) Australia (Telstra) Australia (Vodafone) Austria (T-Mobile) Austria (A1) Austria (H3G) Azerbaijan (Azercell) Bahamas (Aliv) Bahrain (Batelco) Bangladesh (Banglalink) Bangladesh (Grameenphone) Barbados (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) Belarus (MDC Velcom) Belgium (base) Belgium (Orange (Mobistar)) Belgium (Belgacom Mobile) Belize (BTL (DigiCell)) Benin (Moov) Bermuda (ONE) Bolivia (NuevaTel (VIVA)) Bolivia (Telefonica) Bonaire / Sint Eustatius / Saba / Curacao / Saint Martin (French part) (Digicel) Bosnia and Herzegovina (Public Enterprise PTT) Bosnia and Herzegovina (Srpske Mobil (Mobis)) Bosnia and Herzegovina (HT Mobile Mostar) Brazil (TIM) Brazil (Claro) Brazil (Telemig Celular (Vivo)) British Virgin Islands (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) British Virgin Islands (Carribean Cellular Telephone) Brunei Darussalam (DSTCom) Brunei Darussalam (Progresif Cellular Sdn Bhd (B-Mobile Com. SDN. BHD) Bulgaria (Vivacom) Bulgaria (A1) Bulgaria (Telenor Globul) Burkina Faso (Airtel) Burundi (Lacell) Cambodia (Smart Hello(TMIC)) Cambodia (Metfone) Cameroon (MTN) Canada (SaskTel) Canada (Bell) Canada (TELUS) Canada (Rogers Wireless) Canada (Videotron) Cape Verde (CVMóvel) Cayman Islands (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) Chad (Airtel) Chad (Millicom (Tigo)) Chile (WOM S.A.) Chile (Claro) Chile (Entel) China (China Telecom) China (China Mobile) China (China Unicom) Colombia (Comcel) Colombia (Telefonica) Costa Rica (Telephonica) Costa Rica (ICE (koelbi)) Costa Rica (Claro) Cote d'Ivoire (MTN) Croatia (A1) Croatia (T-Mobile) Croatia (Tele2) Cyprus (Primetel) Cyprus (CYTAmobile-Vodafone) Cyprus (MTN) Czech Republic (T-Mobile) Czech Republic (Telefonica O2) Czech Republic (Vodafone) Democratic Rep. of Congo (Vodacom) Democratic Rep. of Congo (Tigo) Democratic Rep. of Congo (Airtel) Denmark (Telenor) Denmark (Telia) Denmark (TDC) Denmark (Hi3G) Dominica (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) Dominican Republic (Claro) Dominican Republic (Orange) Dominican Republic (Trilogy) Ecuador (Telefonica) Ecuador (Conecel) Egypt (Orange) Egypt (Vodafone) El Salvador (Telefonica) El Salvador (CTE Telecom Personal (Claro)) El Salvador (Digicel) El Salvador (Telemovil) Estonia (Elisa Eesti) Estonia (Tele2) Estonia (Estonian Mobile) Faroe Islands (Vodafone) Faroe Islands (Faroese Telecom) Fiji / Nauru (Digicel) Fiji / Nauru (Vodafone) Finland (Alcom (AMT/Alands)) Finland (DNA Networks) Finland (Elisa) Finland (Sonera) France (Free Mobile) France (Orange) France (Bouygues Telecom) France (SFR Cegetel) French Guiana / St Barthelemy / St Martin / French Antilles / Guadeloupe / Martinique (Orange Caraibe) Gabon (USAN (Azur)) Gabon (Zain) Gabon (Libertis) Gambia (Africell) Georgia (Mobitel (Beeline)) Georgia (Geocell) Germany (Vodafone) Germany (T-Mobile) Germany (EPlus) Ghana (Zain) Ghana (Vodafone) Gibraltar (Gibtel) Greece (Cosmote) Greece (Vodafone) Greece (Wind Hellas) Greenland (TELE) Grenada (Cable & Wireless (LIME)) Guatemala (Telefonica) Guatemala (Claro (Sercom)) Guinea (Areeba) Guyana (Digicel) Haiti (Comcel) Haiti (Natcom) Honduras (Telefonica) Honduras (Claro (Sercom)) Hong Kong (SmarTone HK) Hong Kong (HKT (PCCW)) Hong Kong (Hutchison (3)) Hong Kong (CMHK) Hong Kong (CSL) Hungary (Telenor) Hungary (Vodafone) Hungary (T-Mobile) Iceland (Vodafone) Iceland (Nova) Iceland (Viking Wireless) Iceland (SIMINN) India MCC 404 (IDEA Karnataka) India MCC 404 (IDEA Andhra Pradesh) India MCC 404 (Airtel Delhi) India MCC 404 (Airtel Andhra Pradesh) India MCC 404 (IDEA Kerala) India MCC 404 (Vodafone Kolkata) India MCC 404 (Airtel Gujarat) India MCC 404 (Airtel Kerala) India MCC 404 (IDEA Punjab) India MCC 404 (Vodafone Maharashtra & Goa) India MCC 404 (Airtel Rajasthan) India MCC 404 (IDEA Uttar Pradesh East) India MCC 404 (Airtel North East) India MCC 404 (IDEA Delhi) India MCC 404 (IDEA Gujarat) India MCC 404 (Airtel Karnataka) India MCC 404 (Airtel Kolkata) India MCC 404 (IDEA Himachal Pradesh) India MCC 404 (Vodafone Delhi) India MCC 404 (Airtel Maharashtra & Goa) India MCC 404 (Airtel Himachal Pradesh) India MCC 404 (IDEA Maharashtra & Goa) India MCC 404 (Vodafone Kerala) India MCC 404 (Airtel Punjab) India MCC 404 (IDEA UP West) India MCC 404 (Airtel Uttar Pradesh West) India MCC 404 (IDEA Haryana) India MCC 404 (Airtel Mumbai) India 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Frequency bands used in mobile communications

4G / NB-IoT / M1

FDD-LTE: B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B8/ B12/ B13/ B18/

B19/ B20/ B25(in preparation) / B28

TDD-LTE: B39 (Global coverage)


850/900/1800/1900Mhz (Global coverage)

Frequency bands used in satellite


1618-1624 Mhz (K-band)

Device info

A*LIVE General


ProteGear and the ProteGear logo are trademarks of Global SafeTrack Systems GmbH and are registered in the EU and other countries. These trademarks may only be used with the express permission of Global SafeTrack Systems GmbH. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG. Iridium is a trademark of Iridium Satellite LLC Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


RESET: Press the POWER button during charging.

OTA Update: The A*LIVE can download its own updates! You will be informed about new updates by mail.

GSM/4G network coverage

The A*LIVE is equipped with a chipSIM, which can log into almost all GSM (2G/4G) networks worldwide. It automatically connects to the best available network at the respective location. In the 4G area, the new "NB-IoT" technology according to NB1 / M1 standard is used, which is currently being activated by more and more countries.

Iridium switching

After 10 minutes without GSM or 4G connection the A*LIVE tries to establish a connection via Iridium (LED #4 changes from blinking to steady light). In Iridium mode, the A*LIVE searches for a GSM/4G connection every 12-15 minutes and logs into it again if necessary.

**ATTENTION! Depending on the tariff type (e.g. ALIVE BASIC) the satellite tariff does not work if you switch off the device in GSM mode and then switch it on again in an area without GSM coverage (iridium coverage)!

Please note the information on your tariff!


Special features for certain countries

  • For use in Russia, pre-registration is required at (In the form, field "Iridium Device": "Other Iridium Device", then in the field IMEI the number "3004340" and then the 8-digit number on the back of your A*LIVE)

  • For Turkey, a declaration at import (customs) is required if more than 90 days per year are used.


App for iOS (iPhones / iPads)

AppStore Download A*LIVE App

App for Android

Download Google PlayStore A*LIVE App

How do I connect the app to the smartphone?

To make sure that Bluetooth is on on the iPhone, start the A*LIVE app, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner of the home screen, then select the device that is switched on (at the bottom: Associated device), then return to the home screen and pull it down once!

No action on A*LIVE necessary!

→ Connected!

What do the checkmarks in the chat mean?

  • X: Send failed! Check connection to A*LIVE

  • Hourglass: Not yet transmitted to A*LIVE, on hold

  • A tick: message was transmitted to A*LIVE

  • Two check marks: message successfully transmitted to the network

Administration portal -

Browser requirements

We recommend Chrome or Firefox, on safari sometimes a reload is necessary.

Internet Explorer is not supported.


You will find the login data in your setup email.

If you have any problems, please contact us directly.

Good to know

Reset instead of switching off

If possible, please do not carry out a reset to switch off the unit. PowerOff]( Press the Power key 3 times

What not to go

Switch on on the activated charging plate and a reset is performed.

Before Power On, always disconnect the charger and wait 10 seconds.

Important information about the tariffs

A*LIVE BASIC and Safety & Tracking

To avoid unnecessary activation of the Iridium tariff, A*LIVE must always be switched off in the GSM network 3 xPOWER. If you have done a RESET instead (1x POWER key on the A*LIVE on an activated charge pad), a normal on/off procedure must be carried out again afterwards.

Daily mail informs you about the current satellite activation.